Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pei Wei My Way

Pei Wei

I have long enjoyed Pei Wei's inexpensive cups of thai won ton soup at the Las Vegas airport. Priced at $3, these cups are hard to beat. Their flavoring of the soup is dead on, they always serve it with some fresh green onions on top, and they give a hearty serving of wontons I've found.

Priced outside the airport, you can get a cup for over a dollar, and a bowl for under $4 at Pei Wei. Their restaurant design is sleek and clean on the interior. Almost like a chipotle - meets gastropub - meets pf changs.

Tonight I ventured out into the world of normal Pei Wei fare. I tried the dan dan noodles with chicken. The noodles were different then I had imagined. They had a thick soy-based sauce on them. They came with crumbled up chicken sprinkled on top. Cucumber was topped to the side of one side of the dish and sprouts to the other.

Given the amount of sauce they piled on, I would not order it again. However, if I could instruct the chefs to halve the amount or put it on the side, then I may try another of their noodle bowls.

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